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Difference Between Microblading vs. Microshading

Welcome, brow enthusiasts, to the ultimate showdown in the beauty world! 

Today, we’re diving deep into the fierce competition between two eyebrow enhancement techniques: microblading and microshading. If you’re confused about which one is right for you, fear not! 

We’re here to break down the differences and help you make an informed choice in this exciting brow battle.


Let’s start with the OG, microblading. This technique has been around for quite some time and is known for its precision. 

During a microblading session, a skilled technician uses a tiny blade to create hair-like strokes filled with pigment. The result? Defined, natural-looking brows that could rival even the most famous eyebrow queens.


On the other side of the ring, we have microshading, the softer, subtler sibling. Microshading uses a specialized tool to deposit pigment into the skin with tiny dots, creating a gradient effect. 

The result is a softer, more filled-in look that mimics the appearance of makeup. Think of it as your go-to brow powder, but semi-permanent!

Pain Factor

Now, let’s talk about the pain, or rather, the lack thereof! Both microblading and microshading are relatively painless procedures. You’ll feel minimal discomfort, if any at all. 

So, if you’re worried about the ouch factor, don’t be. The only thing you’ll feel is excitement about your new brows!

Healing Process

After the procedure, you’ll need to take care of your brows to ensure they heal beautifully. Microblading typically has a slightly longer healing time, with about 7-14 days of scabbing and flaking. 

Microshading, on the other hand, tends to have a shorter healing period, with milder scabbing. It’s a win for those who want a quicker recovery!

Duration Dilemma

When it comes to longevity, microblading has a slight edge. The results can last anywhere from 1 to 2 years, depending on your skin type and aftercare. 

Microshading’s results typically last 1 to 2 years as well but may require more frequent touch-ups to maintain the soft, powdered look.

Customization Counts

Both microblading and microshading offer customization to achieve your desired brow shape and color. However, microblading allows for more precise strokes, making it the choice for those who want a more defined and structured brow. 

Microshading, on the other hand, is perfect for those who prefer a softer, more filled-in appearance.


Brow Personality

Your choice between microblading and microshading ultimately comes down to your personal style and brow goals. If you want bold, statement brows, microblading might be your match. 

If you prefer a softer, everyday look, microshading could be your go-to technique. Remember, it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty!


In the epic battle of microblading vs. microshading, there’s no clear winner. Both techniques have their strengths and can deliver stunning results. 

It all boils down to your individual preferences, lifestyle, and desired brow style. So, consult with a skilled technician, discuss your goals, and choose the technique that suits you best. 

Whichever you pick, one thing’s for sure – you’ll be rocking fabulous brows in no time!