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Shadow, Brow, and Lash Makeup Routine You Need to Know (Part 2)

In our previous blog article, we learned that the eye is the most difficult part to put makeup on. However, there are techniques that are being applied to make the routine easier. With these techniques, achieving a flawless final look is very much attainable.
Let us do a recap with the techniques mentioned last time!
Step 1: Preparing your lids
It is important to start every makeup routine with priming. Priming helps create the base to have the best blend that will ensure that the makeup will stay for the whole day.
Step 2: Find the proper brush
The use of good and proper brushes brings out the magic in every makeup. Brushes can enhance the pigmentation which will make the colors blend more easily. It can also add definition and precision to your makeup.
Choosing the proper brush will help make the routine easier and make the makeup look better. Being able to blend the colors properly can actually rely on the brush used.
Step 3: Blend
The foundation of every makeup is the power of blending. Blending techniques are needed to perfect your makeup. With blending, you can achieve better coverage overall, and a flawless and professional look.
Step 4: Choose a wing for your eye shape
Eyeliner creates a magnificent look on your face. Eyeliner can create an illusion of the shape of your size. Now we discuss the further techniques that will make your routine easier.

Step 5: Layer your liner with eyeshadow

Being able to make a very defined killer wing is a difficult task in itself. It is hard to be able to create a cat eye and yet, make it even symmetrical. Now that we have achieved a good-looking killer eye, we want to make sure that it lasts. 

In order to set the liquid eyeliner, use a highly pigmented black shadow using a small angled brush to achieve precision. If you want a softer, smokier finish, smudging the eyeliner slightly can make it look more fashionable.
liner with eyeshadow

Step 6: Highlight

Adding a little shimmer and glimmer will help open up your eye. So, applying a highlighter to the brow bone will help lift the eyebrow and apply a little to the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 7: Water line

When you want to open up and brighten up your eyes, using a nude pencil eyeliner on your lower waterline will make it possible. On an additional note, a black pencil liner for the upper waterline can make your lashes appear fuller.
water line
Step 8: Mascara
The best means to make your eyelash look rich is by using an eyelash curler, volumizing mascara, and lengthening mascara. Let the eyelash curler lift your lashes and open up your eyes. Then, the volumizing mascara will help thicken your lashes and add drama. Lastly, the lengthening mascara separates the lashes and adds definition and length.
Step 9: Check and Correct
Achieving a flawless look needs to be correct and has no mistakes. Use a queue tip with a little eye makeup remover to remove anything that is smudging the lines.
These techniques will help achieve a flawless makeup routine and look. Your brow and lash makeup will sure look fabulous, on-fleek, and ready to go!
check and correct