Privacy Policy & FAQ

Please read the FAQ and policies carefully prior to booking.

What are Microblading and Ombré Powder Brows?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that mimics the look of fuller yet natural-looking brows with realistic hair-like strokes - done using a sterile manual blade depositing pigment into the broken skin. This is ideal for clients with normal to dry skin, as oily skin with large pores can heal with thick, blurry, faded, and/or blended-together strokes. Ombré Powder Brows is a semi-permanent tattoo technique except that it mimics a powdery makeup look on the brows. This can be bold or soft or however the client desires. This is done with a machine and a needle head that pokes the skin to deposit pigment. The brow appears lighter at the front and darker at the tail ends. Ombré Powder Brows are available for ALL skin types. It can be recommended to you at your appointment if you have booked for Microblading, depending on your skin type (thickness, age, oiliness, etc.)

What is Combination Brows?

This is a combination of Microblading and Ombré. It is defined by a natural hair-stroke look in the front with some more definition towards the tails. We add hair strokes to the fronts of the brow for a more natural look (strokes can also be done on the arch and underneath the brow as well, depending on the look you want). Combination Brows is best for normal to dry skin due to the strokes.

What is Brow mapping?

We use specific measuring techniques with rulers, stickers, threads, markers, and concealers to maximize the symmetry and finalize the perfect shape suiting each face. We won’t start the procedure until you are fully confident with the shape we have drawn on! What products do you use? We use Tina Davies and Permablend pigments that heal true to color, as well as the best products offered in the industry. All materials used during each and every appointment are 100% sterile and disposable.

How long does it last?

These services can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on your skin type and color, age, lifestyle, and your following of the before and after care instructions. Although the Microblading procedures is not recommended for super oily skin types, as the strokes may fade away or blend together over large pores, it can still be done if the client is still interested - but important to note the possibilities with healed results Permanent Makeup brows are ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the natural look of their eyebrows, with hair-like strokes, or a soft powdery makeup look. People suffering from alopecia, chemotherapy, trichotillomania or any other conditions that cause hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading and Ombré Powder Brows. This includes those who simply aren’t happy with their sparse, thin or uneven eyebrows!

Does microblading hurt?

We numb the skin with a cream prior to starting the procedure, as well as multiple times with a liquid-gel during the procedure into the broken skin. This eases any discomfort and pain the client may feel. Clients may relate the feeling to that of threading eyebrows. About a discomfort level of 1-3 out of 10. Everyone's level of sensitivity is different, but we do what we can to ensure minimal pain.

My brows have previous microblading/tattoo, can you touch them up?

Only my previous clients can receive a touch-up with me. New clients must book an appointment for consultation. You will need to send over pictures of your brows prior to booking, so I can ensure whether it is something I can work over. Please send pictures via text, email, or Instagram DM.

How often do I need to come in for a touch up?

You will come in for your first session, then follow up in 6-12 weeks for your first touch up. After this, you should be good to go for about 1 year approximately. It is ultimately up to you and your preference as well as how much fading you are seeing. You can come in for a refresh whenever you think you need one. Please contact me with photos of your brows if you are a previous client looking to come in for a refresh. I do recommend waiting at least 9 months prior to a refresh session, and to avoid coming in more than annually after your first touch up!

What forms of payment do you accept?

I only accept cash, Zelle, and Apple Pay.


• Please come to your appointment alone.
• If you are early to your appointment or have a guest with you, please let me know in advance.
• Please make sure to read through the FAQ and before/after care as well as all other information provided to ensure you are eligible and certain with your decision, as the appointment will be cancelled and the deposit will remain non-refundable if we deem you are not a candidate for permanent makeup.
• If you have any previous microblading or tattooing, please send photos prior to booking. Once confirmed, you must book the Cover-up/Correctional Work service. If no photo has been sent and I decide I cannot work on your brows at the appointment, the appointment will be canceled and deposit will remain non-refundable. If you have booked for another service and have previous work done that was not approved, and I see that I am able to work on them, you will be charged for the Cover-up/Correctional Work service at the appointment.

Please let me know if you are running late. There is a 10-minute grace period, after which will incur $20 late fee. If you are over 15 minutes late, I may possibly reschedule/cancel your appointment – you will be charged an additional fee at the next appointment – deposit nonrefundable.
Please arrive early to leave time for parking and finding your way around. I leave a 10-minute grace period between clients; however, I still need to know when you are arriving to ensure your appointment does not overlap with another.
No calls / no shows will be charged for the full appointment.
Please refer to the Refunds and Cancellations page for more info.
DuPont Lash & Brow Bar LLC reserves the right to refuse service.