Classic Lash

give clients a subtle, but still defined, this is more look that worn for daily life. Classic lashes is that each individual extension is applied to one natural lash, this is ratio as 1:1. This volume fit clients who have thick, strong lashes and wants more of an understated effect that will give them more length

$135 (First-time clients)

$150 (Regular Price)

$165 (Regular Price)

Wet Effect Lash

Achieve a bold, eye-catching look with Wet Effect Lashes. This style mimics the appearance of freshly coated mascara, offering a sleek, glossy finish. Using clusters of ultra-fine extensions applied to individual natural lashes (3-6:1 ratio), this technique creates a textured, voluminous effect. Perfect for clients with strong lashes seeking a dramatic, glamorous style for any occasion.

$180 (Regular Price)

Hybrid Lash

is a combination of two techniques: Volume (SVS or Russian) and Individual lash extensions (Extend). Taking the best bits from both treatments, Hybrid Lashes will give you volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured lash extension look

$160 (First-time clients)

$195 (Regular Price)

$199 (Regular Price)

volume lash

Volume Lash

Volume lashes are combining multiple individual extensions into fans. They are extra thin lashes. They almost look like feathers. With volume lashes, , we can apply multiple lashes per natural lash, giving your a more dramatic look

$185 (First-time clients)

$245 (Regular Price)

$249 (Regular Price)

Lash Remove

Lash remove is taking off the eyelash extension. It is breaking down the adhesive bonds used to glue the eyelash extensions to the natural eyelash. Lash extensions compliment but do not damage your natural lashes. Be careful not to rub or pull out your lashes, have them removed by your lash technician.

Bottom Lash

Extensions attached to the bottom of your eyelash. Bottom lash creates a more balanced look. It will make your eyes pop by giving a fuller look.

Lash Line

(Eyelash Enhancement)
Lash Line is our ultra, ultra thin black line. It can be used for as bold or as subtle of a look as you like, and is especially good for eye enlargement and shaping.

Eyelash Tinting

Tinting is perhaps one of the more popular solutions. It’s great for enhancing your brows and lashes to make them darker while also making them appear thicker and longer when the tint is applied.

Lash Lift

Enhance your natural lashes with our professional lash lift service. Using advanced techniques, we delicately lift each lash from the root, creating a beautifully lifted and voluminous look that lasts for weeks. Say goodbye to the hassle of eyelash curlers and mascara—wake up every day with effortlessly stunning lashes. Discover the simplicity of a lash lift and elevate your natural beauty today.




Henna provides a more enduring appearance and tends to be more striking overall. When henna is applied, it colors both the skin and the hairs, not just the hair itself. Due to its skin staining properties, henna typically offers a longer duration, lasting up to 10-15 days. Henna is particularly beneficial for those with sparse brows or multiple patchy areas that require enhanced definition.

Eyebrows lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent treatment designed to enhance the shape and fullness of natural eyebrows. This innovative procedure involves straightening and setting brow hairs in a desired direction using a gentle chemical solution. The result is beautifully groomed, fuller-looking eyebrows that appear effortlessly styled and shaped. Eyebrow lamination can last up 5 weeks, making it an ideal option for those looking to achieve a polished and defined brow look without daily maintenance.



Lash Lift + Last Tint

Enhance your natural beauty with our Lash Lift + Tint Bundle. This treatment curls your lashes upwards for a longer, fuller look while darkening and defining them to appear thicker and more dramatic. Perfect for achieving a stunning, low-maintenance look that opens up your eyes and eliminates the need for mascara.



Brow Lamination + Brow Tint

Transform your brows with our Brow Lamination + Brow Tint Bundle. Brow lamination sets your brows in a perfectly groomed shape, giving them a fuller and more defined look. Paired with a tint that darkens and enhances your brows, this treatment provides a polished, bold appearance that frames your face beautifully and lasts for weeks.


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Lash can last through a full growth cycle, up to 8 weeks with proper care and depending on how compatible they are with your skin's PH.

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Schedule an appointment to have your lash refilled at 2-3 weeks and we can asses how long your lashes are lasting.

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Lash extensions compliment but do not damage your natural lashes. Be careful not to rub or pull out your lashes, have them removed by your lash technician.

Aftercare Instructions

person sleep icon

Sleep on back or side.

eyelash icon

Get fills every 2-3 weeks.

lashes wet

Avoid getting lashes wet for 24 hours.

curling lashes

Avoid curling lashes or applying mascara

no oil based products

No oil-based products.

heavy makeup

Avoid applying heavy makeup.


Avoid picking or pulling lashes.

person icon

Let professionals remove lashes.

wash lashes

Wash lashes twice with cleaner daily.

dry lashes

Dry lashes on cool low setting.

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