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SAVE 20% OFF on Nano Brows and $5 OFF on Henna Tint - Valid until April 20, 2024


Make a lasting impression to everyone you meet and be a symbol of sophistication that takes far beyond society’s standard. Discover extraordinary beauty within you through us!

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Inner beauty comes from the feeling of genuine happiness. Feel good about yourself and leave a little sparkle within your heart for your outer beauty shall shine for everyone to see!



Happiness illuminates’ confidence in you. Head on any challenge with a crown and take on life’s journey with beauty, grace and confidence.



The chic empowerment reveals beauty on the inside and out. Become an inspiration and stay empowered in this world full of deception.

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About Us

Permanent make-up industry isn’t the type of industry that you join out of the blue. There is always a reason why we get attracted to join the beauty industry.
Back in 2015, one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in a very long time suddenly exudes beauty and confidence. I was curious about what changed and I asked her to tell me her secret. I remember her telling me that she did get some semi-permanent eyebrows. My curiosity led me to research about it even more. The deeper I learn, the more I get sucked into this world. The pull was so powerful that it eventually led me to enter a professional institution for beauty so I can learn more about the industry.
After a year of professional study and a two-year apprenticeship in the beauty industry, I learned to love it even more. The industry made me inspired to start my own. Five years in the industry, I was able to serve thousands of clients. This job has given me respect and a lot of positive feedbacks from my clients. As a master technician, I was motivated to start my own business career with the purpose to help women achieve convenient early morning make-up routine, and become even more beautiful, more confident, and happier. I hope to be a bridge for women to empower themselves in the best way possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed?

All people practicing permanent cosmetics, including Microblading, are required by the State of Washington to obtain a valid Permanent Cosmetics Tattooer License, and the process can only be performed in a salon that carries a valid Permanent Cosmetics Tattoo Salon License. Our technician holds both licenses.

Will I have to take time off work?

The majority of clients report to work the same or the next day. All procedures appear bold at first and are at their darkest in the first 48 hours after the procedure. Prior to scheduling, please arrange with the technician for your treatment and prepare yourself properly.

Do you charge for touch-ups on work I obtained elsewhere?

We solely touch up our own work. There are no touch-up fees for work done elsewhere. In most circumstances, we will not operate on customers who have excising cosmetic tattoos until the preceding pigment has been completely faded or erased. If your photo was accepted, you will be deemed a new customer, and your treatment will be paid accordingly.